by Michael Krabach

This bicylce tour started by taking Amtrak across the USA, from Providence RI to Seattle,WA. Then biking up to Bellingham, WA to catch the Alaskan Ferry service to Skagway, Alaska. At Skagway the trip resumed biking to Whitehorse, then to Tok, to Valdez to, to Whittier. to Anchorage, to Denali, to Fairbanks, to Delta Junction and back to Tok. From there over the Top of the World Hwy to Dawson, to Carmacks, to Watson Lake via the Campbell Hwy. Then down the Alaskan Highway onto the upper Canadian TransCanada Hwy east and eventually back to Rhode Island. This photoset only covers the trip thru Alaska and Canada. The return thru USA is not included yet. The total mileage was 6400 miles and took 4 ½ months. See the [Statistics Table] for details.

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