Power Plant Heat Balance

(26KB zipped, 31KB exe)

This program was coded for a study of the efficiency changes at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is derived from several similar programs I developed on the HP-41 calculator [www.hp41.org] using the same underlying design algorithms for the Yankee Nuclear Power Station and the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station.

By design, base load generating stations are constructed to run at full power. This program shows what it costs per day if they are not run at full power due to restrictions in the circulating water flow or temperature. This program is a DOS interactive program written in the early '90's to show the effect of environmental parameters on the cost to produce power specifically at this nuclear power plant. The program combines design secondary steam plant data and Industry HEI standards for condenser performance. Based on $54/mwh in 1990.

Unique code for those engineers who know what's going on. Worthless, yet informative for those who don't know what a secondary steam plant is. Program is run interactively with function keys. If you push the parameters too far it will crash the program. Supplied as a zip file with the source code. Unzip into a folder, scan for viruses if you worry , and run in a DOS window. Note: will run on 32 bit version Windows XP , but not on 64 bit Windows 7. Below is a sample input/output screen.

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The help screen.

Sample Interactive Input/Output Screen.

With water temperature up to 68 deg, costing $12,000/day and condenser pressure too high.