Piping Head Loss and Pumping Power

(29KB zipped, 38KB exe)

This program is for uncompressible fluid flow through series (inline) piping systems. It is based on the Crane Technical Paper No. 410, FLOW OF FLUIDS Through Valves, Fittings, and Pipe, 1976 edition. The 1976 (15th ed) edition presended a conceptual change regarding the values of Equivalent Length “L/D” and now uses the concept of resistance coefficient “K”. This program solves fluid flow pressure drop using the Darcy friction factors based on the Colebrook formula. The program will not solve parallel or crossover systems. It will not determine the K/ff or K values used to determine the resistance of valves, fittting, check valves, etc. You will need to use the Crane reference or some other source to determine the K/ff or K values.

The program uses “English Units” more familiar to me, and commonly used when the original program was written. The program is an adaptation of one written in the early 80's on a HP-41 calculator [www.hp41.org]. While large computer programs are now available, including some from Crane, for solving these types of programs, this free one gives quick and easy answers for the more simple cases. The program is a DOS version and will run under Windows operating systems in a DOS window. The binary and source files are available for downloading in a zipped file. Below are screen captures of the program showing input and output examples which are based on Example 4-9 and Example 4-15 in the Crane Reference. The program starts with a help file also shown below.

[Download here]

First screen Help file.

Crane Example 4-9 for Lube Oil.

Crane Example 4-15 for pumping water.