Kayaking videos (in 4K resolution) in the Narragansett Bay region.


Sakonett Point, MA kayaking - July 25, 2019 - The weather was perfect, sunny, in the mid 70's with a light onshore breeze. Leaving from the Fishing Access launch in Sakonett Harbor, RI, we paddle out and around the rock breakwater and head toward the lighthouse. The general surf direction was from the southeast, with swells only a foot or so in among the islands. After going around the light house we paddled over to West Island but since there was no landing other than a rocky shore, we decided to head back toward the Sakonett point for a lunch break. The "point" is actually a stable sand spit, maintained by wave action coming from both sides. The video shows the interesting dual and opposing wave action. After lunch we headed around the spit and eastward. In a short time we turned back because of time constraints, plus the shore break (exposed away from the protecting islands) might be a landing problem. There were only two of us and only one had experience in landing in surf.

[Tech specs. DJI Action camera at 4K/60fps. with stabilization on. The camera mount only put the lens 3 inches over the front deck. The mount attached the camera with a magnet plate over a teflon pad for smooth swiveling.]


Beavertail Point, Jamestown, RI kayaking - July 26, 2019 - This is an edited down version of a full video to follow. The weather was perfect, sunny, in the mid 70's with a light onshore breeze. Leaving from the URI Bay campus, the conditions were such that we decided it would be a nice day to head out to Beavertail. On the way out we stopped to see the natural blow hole. Even mild swells produced a nice spray. Since the sea was pretty calm we paddled out to the outer buoy off Beavertail point. Coming back in from the buoy we stopped to view the small surf off Beavertail.