Kayak and Camping Trip, Newfoundland, Canada

July 25 to August 6, 2003

This is a photographic album of a two week trip to Newfoundland, Canada from New England by car and ferry. The group with members from Ricka and Conyak were; Wayne Smith, Judith Meyers, Mike Martin, Alison Smith, John Lathrop, and Mike Krabach. These photographs are arranged into indexed thumbnails and grouped into convenient sections. Maps are also used to document the trip. These photos are presented in 640x400 pixel format for quick web downloading.

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The CDROM version of this site contains the full scanned 1600x1100 pixel (1200dpi) photographs. If the viewer wants to examine, copy, or use any of the full size photos, they should carefully note the title of the photo which will be in a format such as 12crop04.jpg, where 12 is the roll of film and 04 is the exposure on that roll. They can then go the the full size index and find that photo. I have color corrected the small photos but the large ones are as scanned. Therefore the color may be off in some of the large photos. There are also some photos that were not included in the presentation.

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Rev Nov. 17, 2003