Computer Programs

created by M. Krabach

Retirement Financial Calculator

A useful financial calculator that is unique in that it indexes investments and retirement withdrawals to inflation. Other programs do not do this. Essential to examine a retirement plan or your retirement withdrawals. Link for HTML javascript version.

Power Plant Heat Balance

A power plant heat balance designed to simulate the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant secondary steam system. The program allows you to interactively raise and lower various parameters that affect the efficiency of the main condenser and steam system. This allows you to see the dollar cost of parameters that affect the plant cooling water system.

Piping Head Loss and Pumping Power

A small program for uncompressible fluid flow and used to determine piping head loss and pumping power for systems. The programs solves for the Darcy friction factors based on the Colebrook formula. It works for laminar and turbulent flow and is based on the Crane Technical Paper No. 410.

Home Security and Control System

An example of a home security system. The source code may be informative for others who wish to code a similar system. This system goes beyond any commercial home security system. The self contained program also will emulate a complete alarm system without the attached hardware. Which means you can download and run the program on any 386 or greater PC to see how it works. See if you can break in without setting off the alarms.