Testing code for 360 videos and photos from Yi 360VR camera
embedded in web page.


Pitching an old VE-24 tent. Test of 360 video from Yi 360 vr camera in 4K mode. A dome makes for a good test. Best viewed full screen and resolution of video set at 4K. Depending on your download speed, viewing at that bandwidth my result in jerky motion. A lesser resolution, ie 1080 HD may be smoother.

Cluttered basement somewhere. I used third party Panoraven for photo embedding (with slight editing) to generate code for my webpage. Their service is free, without an account for non-commercial use. This method requires you uploading your photos to a third party server and is quicker than coding for using your local photos. There are many commercial services that will perform the same hosting, most requiring some type of account, sometimes free.

Outside farm view. Rotating view to determine if the horizon stays proper.

If you wish to view your 360 photos or videos locally on your computer, you will need one or more third party programs installed your computer.

To just view your local photos (or videos) try the GoPro VR Player. It has multiple controls and options that make it quite versatile. http://www.kolor.com/gopro-vr-player/download/.

If you wish to view or edit your photos or videos, you can use the free Yi 360 Studio program. This program is downloaded from Yi to support their cameras. Simple and lean, it can be used to stabilize a video (ie. when walking with the camera), and is required to stitch videos taken in the highest video 5.7K format. 4K format is automatically stitched and processed in the camera for viewing, so no post-processing is required.

With VLC (highly recommended) as your default video player, clicking on any 360 video in a file manager or menu will play properly. When using the current version 3.0.3 to view 360 photos, it crashes.